Learning to drive in Wolverhampton

So, you live in Wolverhampton and it’s time to start learning to drive. It can be a little daunting taking the first step to learning to drive, especially in a big city like Wolverhampton, and your first major stumbling block is, who am I going to get to teach me to drive, well that’s where instructor.org.uk come in to play. If you go to the homepage and type in your home town or city and see what driving schools show up. Once you’ve contacted the driving school you like best and got booked in you can get on the road and start learning to drive. There are other ways to find your driving instructor, but Wolverhampton has so many driving schools to choose from you first need to narrow down your options, a simple way to do this would be to just choose the one which appeals to you from the ones listed in this directory as previously mentioned, or maybe you could make hard work of it and maybe…

• ask your friends which driving school they are learning with.
• create a short list
• look on Facebook
• ask family to teach you
• just phone a national driving school

Are you just looking for the cheapest or is the name of the driving school important to you like designer clothing maybe, and you don’t want your friends thinking you went with the cheapest? The reality is they all cost a very similar amount with some offering block bookings and introductory offers. Now these offers can save you a few bob, so take note of these offers when deciding, also confirm the lesson duration which will normally be anything from forty five minutes to an hour.

All driving Instructors must be either an ADI or a PDI to take money for teaching you to drive, that’s the law.

What is an ADI/PDI? Answer: Approved Driving Instructor & Potential Driving Instructor

Where it can get really expensive is if you want to learn in an automatic, but bear in mind if you do learn to drive in an automatic you should learn quicker as you haven’t got to learn the gears part of driving, but also don’t forget that if you learn to drive in an automatic you can’t later in life drive a manual car, but if you pass your test in a manual car you can also drive an auto without sitting another driving test.

So a manual licence equals total driving independence. Another thing to think about is, in the long term with electric cars coming onto the scene we will most likely all end up driving automatics as all the electric cars I’ve seen are automatics, but we don’t know that for sure who knows what the future holds.

Once you have done enough driving lessons and have mastered the art of driving you will take the practical exam at one of the two available test centres in and around Wolverhampton, one of which is situated at Ettingshall and the other one is at Featherstone. But before you can take on the practical test you have to clear the theory exam, that costs £23 and you will get help with this side of the learning to drive process either by purchasing some books, digital aids, and or by picking up enough knowledge whist doing your driving lessons. The practical exam is going to cost you (at time of writing this) £62. If you don’t manage to pass the exam don’t worry you can retake it later when you’ve spent some more of your hard earned money brushing up on your driving.

Driving schools in Wolverhampton
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Driving schools in Wolverhampton
Driving schools in Wolverhampton