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SafeDrive Driving School

…have driving instructors covering all of the Sheffield area. We also have instructors picking up from colleges and universities such as: Newfield Secondary School, Sheffield Park Academy, All Saints Catholic High School, Notre Dame High School, Chaucer and others surrounding the area. Don’t forget about our fantastic student discount too! We offer crash courses, quick pass courses, intensive driving courses, semi intensive courses and everything in between.

The driving test is a test of your abilities and no one can guarantee you a pass, otherwise there would not be much point of it being a test. We firmly believe that there is only one person that can guarantee that you pass your driving test and that is you.

In many areas we have both male and female driving instructors. Ring or e-mail and we’ll see who we have locally to you.

We have instructors with automatic cars in some areas but not others so please ask about the possibility of Automatic driving courses when you call.

We do offer crash courses, quick pass courses, intensive driving courses, semi intensive courses and everything in between.

We can offer short notice driving lessons or cover driving tests or cancellations at short notice, please call for availability.

Our instructors each choose their own car so we have a wide range. They are all ideal learner cars and fitted with dual controls. Most also have air conditioning.

You can start on the day of your 17th birthday. If you receive higher level disability allowance you can start driving at 16.

You can apply for your licence before you are 17 but it only becomes valid once you reach 17. Applying early is a good idea – you get to drive sooner.

We endeavour to get you started when is convenient for you, usually within a couple of days!

No, you can start driving lessons before you sit and pass your theory test. In fact you may find that driving first helps you understand some of the questions.

Your driving instructor will need to see BOTH parts of your licence, if you need glasses or contact lenses to read a ‘new style’ number plate at 20 metres these MUST be worn whilst you are driving so bring them too.

A driving licence issued by an EEC (EU) country can be exchanged for a UK licence without the need for a test. A licence from any other country allows you to drive in the UK for up to 1 year from the date you start residency in the UK.

Being colour blind does not matter for the purposes of driving in the UK however please let your driving instructor and the driving test examiner know as quite often you will be given directions that relate to other vehicles, for example, “Please pull up on the left, just behind that green car”. It is for the instructor and examiner to find a way of explaining this that works for you.

Many learner drivers choose a driving shcool because of a recommendation from a friend. If you have had a particular Safedrive instructor recommended to you please let us know and we’ll do our best to make sure that person will be your driving instructor. In areas where we have several instructors we are happy to offer you the choice of which car or driving instructor you would like to use.

Depends on you really – some people find it easier than others but the DSA suggest 2 hours instruction per year of age plus a similar amount of private practice.

As most driving schools quote a lesson as being 1 hour we do this too. However you can have longer if you wish. 1 1/2 hours is a great lesson length and we also offer 2 hour lessons.

We offer an assessment lesson for those with previous experience. At just £20 this lets you show us what you can do as well as allow us to see where we need to help you. An assessment also lets you see if you like the instructor and the car before you commit to us.

Providing it is a sensible option then yes. Many students have free periods during the day and our driving instructors are normally happy to start and / or finish lessons at work, college or uni.

We can supply official test question sheets for you to try and our instructors will mark these and help you with any answers you don’t understand. Your Safedrive driving instructor will also be able to answer any specific questions you many have and point out things as you learn. Sometimes it is much easier to show you a real example than explain with a book.

You MUST take BOTH parts of your driving licence with you. Failing to do so will mean you do not take your test and will lose your fee.

Both Safedrive and the DSA recommend private practice. Please ask your driving instructor about this and they can explain to your parents what has changed since they did their driving test. Remember time with your parents is practice, please let us do the teaching.

You can book your driving test on-line or ask Safedrive to book the driving test for you. We do make a slight charge for this service but will also look for cancellation test dates to find an earlier date if you want us to.

The waiting list length changes from town to town, week to week and sometimes even day to day. Sometimes it can be a few days, sometimes a few months. If you have asked Safedrive to book your test we will search for earlier dates if you would like us to.

You MUST take BOTH parts of your driving licence and your glasses / contact lenses if you need them for driving (to read a ‘new style’ number plate at 20m). Forgetting any of these will mean the test does not go ahead and you will lose your fee.

The DSA recommend this and our instructors are happy to oblige but at the end of the day it is your test and your choice. Accompanying a pupil on test is a good way for your driving instructor to see how you did on the test and help you to understand the feedback from the driving test examiner.

If you get 6 or more points on your licence from the day you pass your test you are likely to have your licence revoked. You must then apply for a provisional licence, re-sit the theory test and the practical test before regaining it.

The courts may order an extended driving test before your licence is re-instated. The extended test lasts twice as long as the normal ‘L’ and you are only allowed the same number of minor / driver errors. The extended test is also much more expensive.

Not at all. If your licence is revoked it is totally taken off of you until you pass the theory test and practical driving test. You can apply for these tests immediately. If you are banned your licence is not valid until the ban is over but you don’t normally need to take another driving test.

Safedrive driving school cover a large part of England so please ask one of our office staff to see if we can transfer you. Next please remember you MUST tell DVLA that you have moved – it is a serious offence not to. However if you have a test date in the next few weeks please complete the change of name and address on your existing licence and hand this in to the driving test examiner when you pass. Your new driving licence will have your new address on it.

Just get in touch which ever way suits you and we’ll do our best to help. As well as experienced sales staff (some of them learned to drive with Safedrive) answering the phones we often have a driving instructor or instructor training in the office too. If we don’t know the answer we’ll find out for you.