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…whether you’re a nervous beginner or just a bit out of practice, Albert Driving School is a reputable, well-established and professional driving school to get you on the road. We have a refreshing approach to driving and believe that getting you safe and confident behind the wheel should be a lot of fun. We want you feeling in control and relaxed so you’re eager to get going and can get the best value from your lessons.

Before you can take a practical driving test, you will need to pass a theory test. These tests are conducted at theory test centres located throughout the UK.

The test is divided into the following two sections: multiple choice and hazard perception. The relevant pass mark in both sections needs to be reached in order to pass the theory test.

The practical driving test (car) gives you the opportunity to demonstrate to the examiner that you can drive safely and that you fully understand the Highway Code as well as the theory of safe driving. If you meet this standard consistently throughout the driving test, you will pass.

Before you begin the practical part of your driving test, you will be asked two questions relating to vehicle safety, by the examiner. These are known as the “tell me, show me” questions. All drivers are advised to understand the importance of carrying out these basic checks frequently