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Our main focus is customer success

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At Accelerate Driving School Bath our main focus is customer success, our driving lessons are not just to help you to pass your practical driving test but to help you become a safe driver for life. All your driving lessons will have a structure to them, at the start of your driving lesson you will recap your previous driving lesson. This is to check your knowledge of what you covered in your last driving lesson, your driving instructor will then with the use of coaching techniques help you decide what would be most appropriate for your to work on in your driving lesson.

By using this method of learning will help you retain more skills in your driving lesson, at the end of your driving lesson you will then recap what you have learnt. And to finish you will then decide together what you will be working on in your next driving lesson. This will give the pupil chance to revise the information the pupil will need for the next driving lesson. Not all driving schools operate in this way, which could cost you more in the long run with you having to take a lot more driving lessons to reach test standard.