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We aim to improve the standard of driver tuition

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…for Driving Lessons Leeds and Wakefield. AB Driving School was founded by Antony Bedford a grade 6 ADI, in 2000. We’ve got the top experts in Driving Instructors in Leeds, Wakefield and we aim to improve the standard of driver tuition in the whole West Yorkshire area.

Not many people know, but the majority of driving schools regularly use PDI’s. PDI’s are trainee instructors, who have not yet fully qualified. Only a small amount of these trainee’s go on to pass their qualifying exam (30% according to DSA Statistics.) They charge the same rate, yet are not required to make you aware that they are not fully qualified. This could have a negative impact on your Driving Lessons in Leeds, therefore at AB Driving School, we take pride in only using expert fully qualified Driving Instructors Leeds.

We are competitive about our prices, yet never sacrifice the quality of tuition. We also offer Pass Plus, motorway and driving refresher lessons in Leeds, Wakefield and surrounding areas. Also we offer services in helping you. Have you ever driven before? Perhaps even tried and failed? Not to worry, our fully-qualified male and female driving instructors in Leeds can help! We can help even the most nervous drivers and offer superb one-to-one tuition to give you our fullest and best attention and achieve the best teaching.

Please take a look at our available services! Don’t forget to check out our fee’s and discounts page too, for the latest money saving discounts!

Now that you have a provisional license, allow AB driving School to offer you the best driving lessons on how to drive a manual car in Leeds.

Our instructors are all fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors.

We can offer:

  • Reduced prices for block bookings
  • Relaxed one to one tuition, tailored to suit your needs
  • Structured training plan to fit your requirements and at your pace
  • Specialise in nervous/anxious pupils
  • Practical Mock Tests
  • Theory and Hazard perception tuition
  • Pass Plus
  • Motorway Lessons
  • Gift Vouchers

We can give you Driving Lessons Leeds in how to drive a manual car in Leeds. That involves how and when to change gear and knowing which is right for the speed and conditions of the road.

We would love to work with you to develop your driving skills leading up to your test and beyond! Whatever your needs, safe and competent driving is a great skill for life.

Learning to drive a manual car is a fun and great skill to master. It is such a satisfying achievement when you pass your driving test, we would love to help you to achieve this success with our fantastic driving lessons Leeds and Wakefield.

Now that you have a provisional license, allow AB driving School to provide driving lessons on how to drive an automatic car in Leeds.

Automatic cars are different from manual as there is no clutch pedal to operate. This is great as there is no need to use the left foot at all!

This makes it a very popular choice by learners who find it difficult to get used to the gears and clutch when driving a manual car. It is also a great option for the older or disabled learner drivers.

We always recommend that you take manual Driving Lessons Leeds to begin with, as once you have passed your test in an automatic car you would have to resit another practical later if you would like to drive a manual car.

The benefits of the automatic car is that after you have selected drive with the gear selector the automatic gearbox does the rest of the work for you!

Yet you will need to use the handbrake and brakes a lot more when driving.

We have new Female driving instructor Leeds that teach in automatic cars. Some instructors have adaptations for the disabled pupil, please contact us for more information on availability in your area. Reasons why pupils decide to learn in an automatic:

  • Believe it to be easier
  • Lacks confidence in their ability to drive
  • Wanting to get through the learning process quicker
  • Short legs for the pedals
  • Previous instructor advised to try
  • Struggles with clutch control
  • Struggles with gears
  • Lazy driver
  • Has an automatic sat in the drive
  • Has disabilities

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